Well Hey There Fellow Human,

I know not my usual intro. But I want to make a point. I’m Hil the writer behind Immensely Social. I’m a real human with emotions and a life and business and a family and lots and lots of things to do. I get tired and inspired. I have fears and dreams. I believe in getting dressed for work even when working from home but sometimes I don’t. Currently rocking an oversized hoodie and my workout leggings.

You caught me! It’s my human side.

You also are a human reading this, unless you are the…

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Stelmach CoFounder of ChangeEd. ChangeEd is an innovative app that allows students to Superpower their spare change to pay off student loan debt by rounding up everyday purchases to the next dollar and setting aside that money for additional payments. Because just paying the minimum every month can cost students big. Making the loan nearly double in size. ChangeEd has recently hit over $3,000,000 in payments sent. That’s a lot of spare change!

ChangeEd’s journey has included SharkTank and investment from Mark Cuban. Learn more about that here.

Thank you so much for…

Listen: soap-recycling is a win-win-win initiative. It reduces a significant amount of waste and pollution from hotels benefiting the environment. It has the power to employ women on a full-time basis helping them achieve financial independence. And, we’re able to redirect millions of bars of soap to the world’s most impoverished communities helping to save lives!

I had the pleasure to interview Samir Lakhani. Samir is a social entrepreneur dedicated to restoring health and dignity to developing countries. Before founding Eco-Soap Bank in 2014, Samir was deeply involved in aquaculture and nutrition projects in northern Cambodian villages. He has also…

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily Purdom and Rachel Robinson of DotCom Therapy two female entrepreneurs that are disrupting the field of therapy with technology and thought leadership. Emily and Rachel are speech and language pathologists that created DotCom Therapy to offer other therapy professionals a space to do their job in a flexible capacity that encourages work-life balance while also delivering quality therapy to patients who otherwise may not have access to treatment. They developed a virtual therapy room to deliver highly effective therapy services to students around the world.

Thank you so much for doing this with…

Photo Credit: Lori Hil

I don’t really take vacations. Six months in and my husband and I have yet to go on a honeymoon. While I would love to it’s not really in our financial goals or time commitments at the moment.

The Yellow Envelop

But when I found $25 in an envelope recently, given to us at our wedding, I thought why not put that towards one night at a B&B instead of just a dinner out.

After all, while we had adjusted from dating to marriage beautifully, these few months had been challenging circumstantially. We have both been sick on and off, my husband hurt…

I had the pleasure of interviewing CEO and co-founder of Creative Startups, Alice Loy. Creative Startups is a community of creative entrepreneurs that hosts accelerator programs, workshops, trainings, and seminars from the highly creative city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Alice says that the creative economy outputs $3 trillion annually yet is a virtually untapped market. She provides tips that business leaders, investors and economic developers can implement to build the creative entrepreneur economy in their communities.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! …

Credit: Kettlebell Kings

I had the pleasure of interviewing not one but all three founders of Kettlebell Kings an online Kettlebell retailer and fitness community. Jay Perkins, Nehemiah Heard, and Chad Price started Kettlebell Kings on a mission to make kettlebell training more affordable, safer, and more accessible to all.

They have since expanded to not only being a retailer of top quality kettlebells but starting a fitness revolution with their new community website Living.Fit.

You just passed 5 years. With so many startups failing what has been the most crucial thing keeping Kettlebell Kings in business and thriving?

Jay: We have been…

There I was sitting on my couch listening to the late and great Jim Rohn. He was talking about how crucial confidence is to your success. But, “How do you become confident?” he asked the audience.

Yeah Jim, how?

I think I actually asked that question out loud to my TV screen. Waiting on the edge of my seat for some great wisdom from this successful speaker.

And then, my dear Jim went on to talk about how confidence comes from the daily stuff we do. Not groundbreaking. It is a simple truth.

Daily Disciplines Build Self Confidence. Jim Rohn

It starts with a beach scene.

Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic on Unsplash

Tan legs under a laptop. Painted toenails pointed at the sea with an exotic drink close by.

It looks exciting and relaxing. But it’s not the norm.

Being an online entrepreneur, freelance writer, digital nomad, or whatever other labels you want to give this work from your laptop lifestyle, it is well…work.

Sure, you’ve got some overnight success stories. But the reality for most of us is that we are seeking to pay bills, live our best lives, and sure follow some dreams.

I’m currently not sitting by the ocean letting the sun give…

Credit: Danielle McNerney

I had the pleasure of interviewing Danielle McNerney Chopped Junior Champion who Inspires kids to cook, learn & follow their dreams. As a 15-year-old teen chef, Danielle has been seen on Chopped Junior and NBC’s Food Fighters. She is also the CEO and founder of SAVE the MOMS, which helps teens prepare delicious, healthy meals for themselves and their families, while giving their parents a well-deserved break.

What’s your story? Can you start off by telling us how you fell in love with the art of cooking?

I fell in love with the art of cooking at the age of…

Lori Hil

Freelance Content Marketing Writer, Authority Magazine Contributor, Former Forbes Contributor schnauzer in lap, coffee in hand. Rise.

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